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2012 Trade Show
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5. Global Sources Asia World-Expo Electronics Fair (Hong Kong)  

 Both no.: 2P35,

Time: From 12th to 15th April,2012.

4.  China Consumer Electronics Fair (CCEF)

Booth no. : 3B044 , 

Time: From 9th  to 12th  April, 2012.

3. Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair)

Both no. : K38, Floor 3, Hall 11, Time: From 15th to 19th April,2011.

2. HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Both no.: 3FA22 , Time: From 13th to 16th April,2011.

1.  China Consumer Electronics Fair (CCEF)

Booth no. : 3B074 ,  Time: From 9th  to 11st  April, 2011.







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